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Experiment transcript only for Visiting Hans Otto König

by Dr. Anabela Cardoso, Professor David Fontana and Professor Ernst Senkowski

The article was originally published in the ITC Journal No. 24, December 2005. It was republished in the January 2007 AA-EVP NewsJournal.          ©Anabela Cardoso - All Rights Reserved

Editorial Note

As emphasized in earlier issues of the Journal this research work has been made possible by the generosity of Mr. Oliver Knowles, a great supporter and benefactor of psychical investigation. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Knowles, and a full report of the research we have conducted with his help will appear in a later issue of this Journal on the completion of the work.



In the year 1974, Hans Otto König, now 66, a professional electroacoustics technician living in Mönchengladbach, by chance found himself listening to a discussion broadcast by ZdF (the second German TV Channel) in which Friedrich Jürgenson from Sweden, the pioneer of EVP, tried in vain to convince the well-known German parapsychologist Prof. Hans Bender and other critical scientists and journalists of the reality of extraordinary voices captured on his audio-tapes and apparently originating from the deceased.


     Hans Otto König

König’s interest was aroused, and he resolved to start his own experiments in an attempt to demonstrate that the anomalous voices came from the unconscious of the experimenter rather than from the deceased. Instead, he received the singing voice of his late mother who addressed him and his father by name and asked whether or not they could hear her. During the following weeks, König was forced to the conclusion that the voices did indeed come from the so-called dead. He started his EVP experimentation using as background support noise a radio station transmitting in a foreign language, and although he obtained his positive results almost immediately, initially they were of very poor quality, consisting mostly of whispers and sighs rather than vocalizations.


Subsequently he changed his background noise from foreign language broadcasts to ultra-sounds, since this is an area of acoustics which he understands, and has used his professional expertise and psychic faculties to improve the quantity and quality of the contacts with the beyond—now known as Instrumental TransCommunication or ITC—by inventing and continuously modifying electronic devices specially developed for the purpose. Initially, he applied combined frequency-modulated mechanical ultrasonics transmitted and received by transducers in his laboratory. He then found that electromagnetic oscillations in the frequency range around 50 kHz produced the same results. Later he added a multifrequency infrared transmitter-receiver system, which demodulates infrared and modulates it again to a UHF vibration-oscillation from 10 m down to a 1 m wavelength, with a frequency of 30 MHz to 300 MHz. Currently he is working with a complex device based on quartz-crystals irradiated with ultraviolet light which he calls HRS (Hyper-Raum-System or Hyperspace System).


König tells us that he builds his various IC devices according to his own thoughts and the information he receives in dreams from the communicators. He further tells us that he goes into deep meditation for thirty minutes every day and while doing so can "see" (as a kind of psychic perception) his communicators as diffuse physical shapes, and that he has also been successful in photographing them using the Klaus Schreiber closed loop method. His explanation for the success of his experimentation is the key word "resonance," which he says includes electromagnetic resonance.


The voices that now come through his loudspeaker are of a different, often excellent, quality, and he is sometimes able to dialogue with them. The contents of communications and the nature of the communicators themselves vary dependent upon the context. Deceased humans may answer the requests of their bereaved relatives and friends for comfort, while at other times, technical advice is given to König, and nameless cosmic entities, apparently outside our space-time, provide philosophical observations. The outcome of an experiment is never predictable, and may produce no results at all depending on mental-spiritual and other (unknown) conditions. König feels that audio results seem to improve in the presence of a harmonious audience, and the same is true for his work on transimages, which in one instance have already been obtained accompanied by the voice of the deceased person, whose identity was later discovered "by chance."

The Two Experiments

The two experiments that are the subject of this Report were held respectively on September 10th and 11th, 2005, in two afternoon sessions held in a room at the Hotel Kaiserhof, in the German town of Wesel. Dr. Anabela Cardoso attended, accompanied in the unavoidable absence of Professor David Fontana by Mr. Carlos Fernández, the Technical Editor of the ITC Journal and an electronics technician with long experience of ITC data. Also accompanying Dr. Cardoso was Professor Ernst Senkowski, one of the foremost experts on ITC, who has known König well for many years, and who was responsible for helping to arrange Dr. Cardoso’s visit. The others present included visitors from Finland and some sixty of the regular observers of König’s previous experiments, together with a few individuals who were attending for the first time. König completely eschews publicity and avoids working with journalists and the media because of the negative experiences he has had with such groups in the past. All the communications were in German, which is the native language of König and of Professor Senkowski and in which Dr. Cardoso has some facility.

First Experiment, September 10th 2005.

König opened proceedings with an introductory talk that included recordings of voices received during earlier experiments. After a short meditation he then activated one of the older systems developed by him many years ago, which has misleadingly been called a "generator" but which in fact should be considered as a device open to the influx of information from hidden ranges of consciousness. This infrared/ultrasound device operates in a frequency range from 30 kHz to 70 kHz. The device, which looks like a rectangular metallic box, was built by König himself and the frequencies are mixed in its interior while an aerial placed on top of the generator transmits the signal to a receiver in the same band. An amplifier is connected to a mixing table and to the loudspeakers. König’s microphone and recording apparatus are also connected to the mixing table. When the voices started, silence was suddenly transformed into a beat, and the voices seemed to speak much above the beat. The communications that resulted lasted some two minutes and consisted of a nearly continuous dialogue between König and several voices.


The communications began with the habitual opening words. "Contact field closed" (i.e. closed to intruding entities), and finished with, "Contact end." In all, there were fifteen exchanges. In Exchange Number 2, the "answer" did not directly refer to the question asked by König. In Number 5, the voice asked for a technical modification of the equipment being used. In Numbers 9 and 14 respectively, two names of earlier acquaintances of König, "Hubert" and "Helmut," were given, the latter communicator spontaneously referring to König’s sick wife, Margaret.


Most of the voices were clear and could be heard above the permanent noise level from the equipment. In consequence the comprehensibility level was around eighty-five to ninety per cent for all those present during live listening, and one hundred per cent on replay. The voices were of excellent quality, but somehow did not possess the same degree of what Dr. Cardoso describes as the "inner clarity of an angelical prototype" that in her view was overpowering in the voices that came through during the experiment of the following day. Professor Senkowski expressed himself unable to always decide whether a voice sounded more male or more female.


An interesting observation concerns the varying speed of the utterances. For example, Exchange Number 12 was spoken very quickly, and here and in other cases, one had the impression that when the contact is nearing its end because of shortness of "energy," the speech is accelerated. Another observation concerns the time lapse between the questions of the experimenter and the responses from the communicators. These lapses were generally in the range of a few seconds, but in Number 12, the voice broke in before König had completed his question, so that the two voices momentarily overlapped.

To some extent, the speech of the communicators possessed its own character and style, both of which are difficult to describe. Often the speech sounded not "normal" or not "human-like." Grammar was not always correct. The contents sometimes were metaphorical and not easily interpreted, especially when the speaker seemed to be a "remote," non-human being. An example is Number 2, when subsequent to König asking who and where the "speaker" is, the answer, "Ultraschall ist das Bild" is given, (translated as, "Ultrasonics is the image"). This answer could be understood as meaning that the voice, as mediated by the electromagnetic oscillations in the range of 30 to 70 kHz, is an "image" of the speaker, who remains unnamed. Alternatively the speaker may be identifying his (mental) "position," as in or near the equipment being used. But these alternatives must remain more or less speculative.

Second Experiment, September 11th 2005

This experiment was carried out with the HRS system that consists of a large quartz-crystal and ten smaller ones, all of them irradiated by ultraviolet light of different wavelengths. As in the first experiment, we started with a short meditation, after which the device was switched on. After some fifteen minutes, the first voice came through, and a dialogue developed with nineteen exchanges taking place lasting seven minutes and fifty-three seconds.


The background noise, according to König, actually produced from the "other side," was quite different from that heard from the so-called generator in Experiment One. It consisted of a nearly periodic bird-like high-pitched twittering or chirping, mixed with slow roaring like a storm and waves on a seashore. Most voices were absolutely clear and immediately understood, provided they were not too fast. König spoke his questions in a meditative state, speaking slowly, and the voices answered in their chosen manner.


Most responses were given immediately, although a few were delayed up to twelve seconds, Most of the voices seemed to come from one single entity, who sounded to be female, and they possessed a special modulation, similar to singing. Most of them sounded rather "neutral" or "detached" with the possible exception of Exchange Number 10, where the voice seemed to express some underlying contempt for the stupidity of Christian beliefs, describing them as "unreasonable superstition." In Number 8 were the words, "I stem from the realm of stars," delivered in an elevated poetic style. The German words used by the entity, "lch stamme," can be translated simply as, "I come," or more tellingly as, "I am descended."


The dialogue seemed to be presided over by a highly intelligent source that treated adult humans like children, with some compassion or even regret. For example Number 15, when we were told that, "But it is probably too difficult for you to comprehend this." ("This" being their magnificent, super-terrestrial world). However, one should take into consideration the difficulties pertaining to the adaptation process of the different structures of human and the entities’ consciousness in contact through these communications. In the rather long pause between Number 18 and the end of the contact, dull beats similar to drumming appeared as additional signals, although their meaning remained unclear. The live comprehensibility level was around one hundred per cent for all those present.


Diagram of the devices used by Hans Otto König on September 11

Previously published in the ITC Journal No. 24, December 2005

1. 10 UV LEDs UV-C – 100-280 Nanometer

2. 10 Small Quartz Crystals

3. 10 Phototransistors

4. Stochastic Generator

5. FM Output From Stochastic Generator

5A Oscillogram – Line 5

5B Frequency – Spectrum 48 – 68 KHz Line 5


6. FM Demodulator

7. Preamplifier

8. 4 UV LEDs Special Frequencies

9. Big Quartz Crystal

10. Demodulator

11. Low Frequency Amplifier

12. Audio Signal to Mixer


Related Matters


The transcripts of the communications received during the above mentioned experiments and the respective translations provide by Dr. Ernst Senkowski are available below


During the two days spent in Wesel, Dr. Cardoso had the opportunity to exchange views with Hans-Otto König on a number of issuesnamely on the content of the communications she receives from the group of communicators calling themselves Rio do Tempo (Timestream) and recorded by Dr. Cardoso, and of the communications received by Hans-Otto König. Among the many interesting similarities there is, for instance, the fact that König’s communicators very rarely speak in the singular and almost always in the plural, referring to themselves as "We," just as do the communicators from Rio do Tempo. They also speak of "meditating (in their world)," as do the voices from Rio do Tempo. Furthermore, König’s and Rio do Tempo communicators tell us that, in the third level of the next world, deceased animals and deceased humans are together again, and that at this level, communication with animals and plants is also possible. Another aspect of the similarities regards the interchange of energies between the communicators and the experimenters. Hans Otto König said on September 10, 2005, prior to the experiment of that day, that the entities who speak with him "can as well charge, or even overcharge, him before a contact, and at other times he feels devoid of energy after a contact." From her side on September 2, 2005, Dr. Cardoso wrote in her contacts log the following: "… when I am in the studio I seem to lose track of time. I wouldn’t know if I have been in for fifteen minutes or for over one hour. Also, those days when I feel particularly energetic, and upon request of the communicators, stay inside for a period of time, I feel emptied out and tired when I go out of the studio. On the other hand, the days when I feel very tired and go into the studio, upon going out I feel recovered and the tiredness has disappeared. It is as if there is an interchange of energies with the communicators." As with the communicators from Rio do Tempo, who refer to themselves as speaking from a "station," König’s communicators say the group who organizes their contacts is known as "ZentraIe."




Our conclusion is that we witnessed two fascinating experiments that are the outcome of thirty years of engaged and devoted work by Hans-Otto König, who works without support and who has often been fiercely attacked by what Professor Senkowski calls envious or even ill-intentioned people. Hopefully, at some point in the future, Hans Otto König will be considered one of the most prominent pioneers of ITC, and his wish to prove the reality of life after death will perhaps be fulfilled by a less materialistic science. Meanwhile, we remain thankful for the opportunity to observe the work of this man, and wish him the continuation of success in the laborious developmental path that he has chosen to follow.


Editorial Note

As emphasized in earlier issues of the Journal this research work has been made possible by the generosity of Mr. Oliver Knowles, a great supporter and benefactor of psychical investigation...

Originally published in the ITC Journal No. 24, December 2005,


Transcript of 2 ITC experiments with Hans Otto König – Wesel*

Experiment 1: Afternoon, 10.09.2005 in Wesel. Audience about 60 persons. Special Guests: Dr. Anabela Cardoso, Carlos Fernandez, Dr. Ernst Senkowski. Device working with mixed electromagnetic oscillations in the frequency range 30 to 70 kHz

Transcript from König’s copy on tape and his written report. Printed here: König's speech normal type, paranormal answers in bold italicized. (A very small number of ambivalent words leads to unimportant differences between the interpretations of König and Senkowski).


1.1  Hallo Freunde. (Hello friends.)

Kontakt. (Contact) Kontaktfeld geschlossen für/zu Hans König. (Contact field closed for/to Hans König.)

1.2  Vielen Dank. Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich. (Many thanks. I thank you very heartily).

Jetzt für Verbindung. (Now/for connection.)

1.3  Ist das so ok? (Is that ok?)

Funktioniert. (Functions/functioning.)

1.4  Oh prima. (oh, excellent)

Sie geht tatsächlich (She goes indeed.)

1.5  Wer war das, der jetzt gesprochen hat? Weisst du, wo du dich befindest. (Who was just speaking? Do you know where you are now?)

Hör, Ultraschall ist das Bild. (Hear, ultrasonics is the image).

1.6  Hans König, höre zu, versuche die Phase um 20% zu ändern. (Hans König, listen, try to change the phase 20%.)

1.7  20,'. - [After changing] (Ist das) so besser? (Is it better so?)

Es/das ist besser so. (It is better so.)

1.8  Kannst du mich hören? (Can you hear me?)

Ich kann dich hören. (I can hear you.)

1.9  Wer bist du? (Who are you?) 

Hier ist Hubert. (Here is Hubert.)

1.10  Kennst du mich noch, Hubert? (Do you still know me, Hubert?). 

Der Hans Otto. (You are) the Hans Otto)

1.11  Recht vielen Dank. (Many thanks.) Ich habe den Eindruck, du bist immer da, Hubert. (I have the impression, [that] you are always here/there, Hubert.)

Jede Stunde und Tag. (Every hour and day.)

1.12  Das merke ich. (I am aware of that). Du weisst, dass ich für diese Einspielung grosse Kraft brauche. (You know that for this experiment I need a lot of force.) Das ist gar nicht so einfach. (That is not so simple.)

Ich schicke dir meine ganze Kraft. (I send you all my force.)

1.13  Danke schön. Das finde ich lieb von dir. (Thank you very much, I find this nice of you.)

Hans König, höre zu. Sage der Margarete, alles wird gut. (Hans König, listen, tell Margarete, all will be well.) [Margarete is Hans Otto's sick wife.]

1.14  Wer war das jetzt? (Who was that now?)

Helmut (Helmut.)

Helmut. (Ich möchte mich bedanken.)

1.15  Energie geht zu Ende - Wir beenden den Kontakt - Kontakt Ende. (Energy runs short - We end the contact - Contact end).

1.16  Danke schön. Vielen Dank. (Thanks very much. Many thanks.)

Experiment 2: Afternoon, 11.09.2005 in Wesel, general conditions like in Experiment 1, but using the Hyper-SpaceSystem (HRS) working with quartz crystals.

2.1  Hallo Freunde. Versteht ihr mich? Könnt ihr mich hören? - Ich hoffe, ihr hört mich. (Hallo friends. Do you understand me? Can you hear me? I hope you hear me.)

Ich höre dich immer.(I hear you always.)

2.2  Wo befindet ihr euch jetzt im Moment? Könnt ihr das sagen? Würde mich interessieren. Ich höre die Interferenz. Where are you in the moment? Can you say it? It would be interesting. I hear the interference.)

Entfernungen gibt es nicht. (There are no distances.)

2.3  Ja, das habt ihr schon mal gesagt. - Ihr sagtet einmal, dass ihr ebenfalls technische Geräte benutzt. Könnt ihr was darüber sagen? Was für technische Geräte? (Yes, you have said that before. - You once said that you also use technical devices.) Can you say something about it? Which technical devices?

(Wir können sagen,) dass die kosmischen Machte über eine Art Technik verfügen, gegen die (eure) hervorragendsten Computer nur allerprimitivste Geräte sind. (We can say) that the cosmic powers have at their disposal a type o f technique against which (your) most sophisticated computers are only utmost primitive devices.)

2.4  Können wir Näheres darüber erfahren, könnt ihr was Näheres darüber sagen? (Can we learn more about that, can you say more about that?)

Es ist nichts verborgen, das nicht offenbar werde, und nichts heimlich, das man nicht wissen könnte. (There is nothing hidden that will not become evident, and (there is) nothing secret that one could not know.)

2.5  Danke schön. (Thank you.) Eine Frage aus dem Publikum war: Ist die Seele nach unserem Tod in irgendeiner Weise zerstörbar? (A question from the audience was: Can the soul after our death in any way be destroyed?)

Er wird auch Astralkörper genannt. Dieser Körper ist von keiner irdischen Kraft zu beschädigen, zu verletzen oder zu zerstören. (It is also named Astral Body. This body cannot be damaged, hurt or destroyed by any terrestrian force.)

2.6  Eine Frage: Ich benutze den Kristall von Marlene Dohrmann. Soll ich einen weiteren Kristall dazunehmen? Oder genügt der? (A question: I use the crystal of Marlene Dohrmann. Shall I add another crystal or does this one suffice?)

Glutvoll schimmert zuletzt in reinem Kristall. (Full of glow finally shimmers/glitters in a pure crystal).

[Remark from Ernst Senkowski: This is grammatically wrong, and it is nearly impossible to understand its meaning. It might be connected with the ultraviolet radiation which is passed through the quartz-crystal.]

2.7  Oder soll ich die Anordnung so belassen wie sie jetzt ist, oder gebt ihr mir neue Anweisungen? (Shall I leave the device as it is now, or do you give me new orders?)

Nur so, in dieser erhabensten Schwingung. (Just so, in this most sublime vibration/oscillation.)

2.8  Danke schön, (Thank you.) - Ich nehme an, du bist Sanaedes, du hast dich ja schon einmal gemeldet, ja oder nein? (I suppose you are Sanaedes, you already once manifested. Yes or no?)

Ich stamme aus dem Sternenreich. (I stem from the realm o f stars.)

2.9  Aha. - Eine Publikums frage war noch: Wofür sind die Menschen überhaupt hier auf der Erde? Das ist schon mal gefragt worden. (There was one more question from the public: What are humans actually on earth for?)

Die Menschen sind auf der Erde, um sich auf das wirkliche Leben vorzubereiten. (Humans are on earth to prepare themselves for the real life.)

2.10  Das ist schon gesagt worden, ich entschuldige mich für die Frage. (This has already been said. Excuse me for the question.) - Es ist einmal gefragt worden, warum wurde Jesus vor 2000 Jahren geboren.  Warum musste er den Tod am Kreuz erleben? (Once it has been asked: Why was Jesus born 2000 years ago, why did he experience death on the cross?)

Menschliche Erfindung und der kindliche Glaube an diese unvernünftigen Offenbarungen ist Aberlaube. (Human invention and the childish belief in these unreasonabte revelations are superstition.)

2.11  Die etablierte Wissenschaft wird vielleicht einmal so weit sein, dass das nachtodliche Lenben... (Possibly one day established science will be so far developed that life after death... )

[Der] Glaube an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele [ist] wissenschaftlich unhaltbar, (Belief in the immortality of the soul [is] scientifically untenable.)

2.12  Können wir, wenn wir in anderen Bereichen sind, genau so das erleben wie hier auf der Erde oder ist das...? (Can we in other realms experience exactly that what we experience here on earth or is ....)

Ja, in eurem Seelenkörper habt ihr wieder eine Seele, also ein feines Inneres, mit dem ihr fühlt und empfinded (Yes, in your soul-body you have again a soul, that is a fine interior, with which you feel and are sensible.)

2.12  Danke schön. (Thank you.). - Es wird viel über die Hölle berichtet. Was könnt ihr darüber sagen? Es wird immer wieder gefragt. (There are many reports about hell. What can you say about it? It is asked again and again.) Gibt es überhaupt so etwas? (Is there anything like that at all?)

Die Selbstvernichtung des Bösen ist es, was ihr Hölle nennt. (The selfdestruction of evil is that what you call hell.)

2.14  Es werden Kriege in der Welt in Gottes Namen geführt. Wenn es einen Gott in diesem Sinne gibt, warum schreitet er nicht ern? (Wars in the world are carried out in the name of God. If there is a God in this sense, why does he not intervene?)

Gerichtet sind alle, die im Namen Gottes Grausamkeiten verübten, schrecklich bestraft nach den Gesetzen der Gerechtigkeit. (Judged are all who committed cruelties in the name o f God terribly punished according to the laws of justice.)

2.15  Könnt ihr uns etwas über eure Welt berichten? (Can you tell us something about your world?) Etwas sagen für uns alle hier? (Say something for all of us here?)

Eine herrliche überirdische We1t ist es, in der wir leben. Doch ist es wohl zu schwer für euch, dies zu begreifen. (A magnificent/splendid superterrestrial world is it in that we live. But it is probably too difficult for you to comprehend this.)

2.16  Es wurde mal gefragt, was Dämonen sind. Wenn ja, können sie uns schaden? (It has been asked, if there are demons? If yes, are they able to harm us?)

Dämonen sind Erdgeister. Sie entstehen und vergehen. Sie sind seelische Abfallprodukte, die ebenso, wie sie sich bildeten, wieder auseinanderfallen. (Demons are earthty ghosts/spirits. They develop and pass away. They are waste products of souls, that the same way they formed themselves they fall into pieces as wel1.)

2.17  Wie ist es bei unseren Kontakten? Können sie sich bei uns einschleichen? (How is it during our contacts? Are they able to sneak into our contacts?) Da haben viele Befürchtungen. (Many people are afraid.)

In der geistig hochentwickelten Kulturmenschheit gibt es solche Erscheinungen nicht. Sie entstehen aus den wilden Urtrieben primitiver Menschen. (In the spiritually highly developed culture o f humankind such phenomena/appearences do not exist. They result from the wild instincts of primitive humans.)

2.18  Danke schön. (Thank you.) Jetzt würde ich doch mal wissen, wer es war, ob du das warst Sanaedes? [Nach einer längeren Pause] Nichts mehr. (Now I should like to know whether it was you, Sanaedes. [After a long pause] Nothing more.)

Ein (äusserst) weites Feld von Energie liegt über euch. Ihr werdet es empfinden. (A ... wide field of energy lays above you. You will feel it.)

2.19  Wir beenden den Kontakt. Kontakt Ende. (We end the contact. Contact End.)

*Mainz,16.09.2005. Translation by Dr. Ernst Senkowski.



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