How it may be possible for an animal to communicate via EVP

by Butler

The Survival Hypothesis hold that we are an etheric entity in a symbiotic relationship with a physical body. It is through this etheric-physical entanglement that we are able to bring etheric objects of reality into the physical and still satisfy the Principle of Natural Law which holds that “An object of reality must be in perceptual agreement with the aspect of reality it inhabits.” An etheric object, such as a dog bark or an idea, must somehow be embodied into the physical. Thus for etheric-to-physical influences to be possible, that influence (an object of reality) must be “embodied” into the physical (made energetically in agreement with the physical). There are other sources of information that support the idea that we are responsible for providing the etheric-physical energy necessary for EVP or any other form of etheric to physical phenomena.

In mental mediumship and in EVP, we are pretty sure that the etheric communicators must use the vocabulary and image library of the person enabling the communication. That is usually the experimenter and/or a person who has their attention on the experiment. I have a little training in mediumship and this is consistent with my experience. Essentially all EVP are in a language that the experimenter or interested party understands. It is common to hear an experimenter say, “that means …” to explain an obscure utterance in EVP. We think this is because the person understands the imagery and may have even sensed the translation of the image into voice. That is essentially how mediumship works.

Experiments have shown that it is possible to deliberately record the thoughts of sleeping people–even to solicit meaningful comments about what the experimenter is doing far in another part of the world. This is reasonable, because while sleeping or in some way mentally disengaged from the physical, we are pretty much the same as the etheric entities we communicate with via EVP.

(c)2004butler_man_with_dogAn animal is also an etheric entity embodied into the physical, and so, there is no reason to think that an animal could not also communicate ideas to us via EVP and using our language and image library. Experiments need to be conducted to determine if this makes sense.

This is a video ITC image of a man–maybe in uniform–holding a dog as if for a portrait. The technique is to set up a camera so that it “sees” what it has just “seen” on the screen of a TV. The objective is to generate chaotic optical noise with the video loop. Order naturally emerges in the optical noise via stochastic resonance, but those otherwise haphazard patches of order are sometimes transfigured into recognizable features. The features are found later by examining individual video frames.

We see quite a few animals in visual forms of these phenomena, often being presented as a favorite pet. We believe that the physical mechanism of stochastic resonance enhancing small telekinetic influences is the same for mental mediumship, and audio and visual forms of ITC.

As a side note, you will see scholarly dissertations about how EVP is just the telepathic manipulation of the electronic device by the experimenter, and is therefore not evidence of survival. (Telepathy obviously being the lesser of two evils for these physical scientists when compared to survival.) As you can see above, we agree that it is telekinetic manipulation by the experimenter, but caused by the etheric communicator. The evidence of survival is in the message not in the mechanism.

I hope that answers your question. Please remember that all I have said about the theory is hypothetical. Much more research is needed.

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