It is All About Intentionality

by Tom Butler
First published in the Summer 2011 ATransC NewsJournal

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In times past, the ability to function as an spiritual healer or physical medium was described as an ability to manage the subtle energy. Spiritualists have long known that this subtle energy can be accumulated and tends to remain for a while. Through the ATransC, we came to see that haunting events were more frequent in places that have had long-time human occupancy or in which strong emotions were expressed. Putting two and two together, we decided that the haunting events were more likely because there was more energy available to facilitate trans-etheric influences. We saw the same effect with developing EVP practitioners, and we now recommend that a person set aside a special place for meditation and transcommunication so that the energy can accumulate.

Like mediums, some EVP practitioners are just naturally more effective than others. The ability to manage the intention seemed to be the most obvious reason and recent research with Random Event Generators (REG) seems to confirm this. You are probably familiar with the Global Consciousness Project (see: The study detected a decisive change in randomness of the output of an REG array just before the 9-11 attack on New York and the Pentagon. It has become routine for researchers to use REGs to detect the effects of meditation and other psi processes on ambient subtle energy.

At the same time, researchers have been developing effective protocols for the study of energy healing. You will hear a lot more about this rapidly evolving field of study in future issues of this NewsJournal. The research often shows decisive changes in the well-being of organisms in response to the practitioner’s intention to heal. For our discussion, the study of energy healing is also the study of the effect of intentionality on subtle energy.


We now know that there is a field of, not energy but influence, existent throughout known reality which is responsive to the influence of intention. It is being referred to as the psi field in parapsychology because it appears to be the product (or the enabler) of life. When a person senses the thought of others, influences physical objects with thought or mentally tries to send healing to another person, he or she is what parapsychologists refer to as psi functioning. In practice, all of these psi abilities are the expression of intention which is transmitted as a change in the psi field. Your intention to love or hate someone is immediately delivered to them wherever they are in the world as a change in this field which we all share.

The influence of intentionality cannot be shielded against as one might shield from radio signals, and distance does not seem to be a factor in its influence. Clear visualization and focused intention appears to be the deciding factor.

Focus of attention is really what Spiritualists teach in healing intention and in mediumship. In metaphysical terms, the process of creation is turning attention to an imagined result with the intention that it will be so. It is useful to think that the psi field provides the substance from which objects of reality are created, so the two things that you can control are the ability to clearly imagine your objective and how to focus your intention to make imagination real.

Managing Intention

Most of us have pretty vivid imaginations which are difficult to control. Traditional meditation is all about learning to control that imagination. When someone tells us not to think of a pink elephant, for most of us, the very next thing we do is think of one. Most of what we are taught in the various forms of healing intention is the clear visualization of good health. Mental mediumship is all about learning to set aside our internal visualizing so that we can sense the impressions coming from our etheric communicators.

Intention is much the same, in that we might think we want something but there may be numerous unconscious reasons why we do not. This is a common complaint of healers. Some people will say they want to be healed, but they have also become comfortable with their ailment and the social support it might bring. If there is an underlying concern that the person might not be able to live independently, being healed might pose unexpected risk and the healing is rejected as a subconscious act by the sitter. It is easy to say that you forgive a transgression, but too common to harbor unconscious anger. Psi functioning is a product of all of our intentionality. If we only think we want something, we are not as likely to create it as we are if we want it with all of our personality.

The article about the Fishharp provides one way to manage intention. It appears that, through history, people have learned to use devices and tricks to guide thoughts away from distractions. Just as one might train for the use of a memory aid, it is possible to train the mind to respond in a certain way when a particular path is followed or a specific object is handled.

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