About The Directors

AA-EVP Founder, Sarah Estep, made her transition to the other side January 3, 2008. You can read Becky Estep’s eulogy here and the memorial article here. See also, Sonia Contacts Sarah with EVP

The Directors of the Association TransCommunication are Tom and Lisa Butler. They assumed leadership of the Association in 2000, when Founder, Sarah Estep, decided it was time for her to retire. Since that time, the Butlers have established this website and the Idea Exchange discussion board. They published the quarterly ATransC NewsJournal from Spring 2000 until  Spring 2014. The Collective wiki is an example of their effort to involve the public in study and research.

Effective January 1, 2010, the AA-EVP became Association TransCommunication or ATransC. The directors had been witnessing the evolution of EVP from a novelty phenomena into an important tool for research. They recognized that EVP/ITC were not isolated forms of trans-etheric influence, but were related to other forms, both by their etheric origin and how they were able to manifest into the physical. Thus, they determined it was necessary to examine the entire set of transcommunication in order to understand each part.

As part of their efforts to assure the future of ATransC, they established the Association as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Incorporation provides certain assurances to prospective contributors and the general public that the ATransC will remain dedicated to the study of transcommunication and to helping people learn how to collect examples of these phenomena for themselves.

no_dead_cover_buttonThe Butlers wrote the book, There is No Death and there are No Dead, which details the history of these phenomena, gives ample examples and explains how to experiment with both EVP and Video ITC. The Association needed an authoritative text to which new members and the general public could be directed to learn about these phenomena. The book was written to fill that need. Since its publication, the book has earned over $37,000 for the ATransC. The butlers have not asked for a royalty or pay for their work in the Association.

Under the leadership of the Butlers, ATransC Publishing (Formally AA-EVP Publishing) has also published Martha Copeland’s book, I’m Still Here as an important illustration of how contact with a loved one via transcommunication can help with grief. This book represents the formation and purpose of The Big Circle, which began when members gathered around Martha and Karen Mossey to record for EVP on a regular basis, so that they could use the group energy to continue their relationship with loved ones now on the other side.

The Butlers established the Sarah Estep Research Fund (SERF) to memorialize her transition and important contribution to this field of study. They have funded research via the SERF, and at one time were actively seeking funding in the form of research endowments or direct donations to permit award of targeted transcommunication research grants. (Not seeking research funding at this time.)

Lisa Butler telling the media at the White Noise DVD release party the “real” story about EVP. Picture courtesy Universal Films

ITC Experiences

Tom and Lisa Butler’s personal ITC research is focused on finding a way to better understand who is communicating, how the phenomenal voices and features are formed and why. They believe that the real value in working with these phenomena is in learning more about the greater reality and conclusively showing that the communicators are evidence of personal survival after so-called death.

The Butlers come in contact with many people who grieve about the loss of a loved one, and who have found relief from that grief by hearing the voice of the loved one tell them, via EVP, things that only that person would say. They know that EVP is a powerful tool for teaching people that their loved ones are just fine in a new world, just as they will be when their time comes.

Lisa began recording first, after reading Sarah Estep’s book, Voices of Eternity, by following the instruction to establish a routine of regular recording session in a quiet part of the home. That was in 1989. Up to 2002, the Butlers only recorded in controlled conditions, seeking to better understand EVP and improve communications with their etheric contacts. Today, the Butlers continue to prefer controlled condition recording for research, but they enjoy the occasional excursion into the field. They also know that the media requires such excursions for a more visual expression of EVP recording.
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The first video-loop ITC images recorded by the Butlers. See Butler Gallery One

In 2000, the Butlers began using the video feedback method of developing optical energy for visual ITC. They have had considerable success using this technique and continue to experiment with ways that might improve their results. Examples of their work can be seen and heard in the Examples section of this web site.

Tom Butler has an Electronics Engineering degree and Lisa has a degree in psychology. Both were corporate employees until their resignation and subsequent five year sabbatical that preceded their returned to the working world as ATransC Directors. Both have been deeply interested in metaphysical concepts, human potential and all forms of etheric to physical phenomena since childhood. Together, they have extensively studied many subject areas, including energy healing, mediumship, metaphysics and spirituality.

Tom Butler playing examples of EVP that were recorded for the White Noise DVD release party Picture courtesy Universal Films

Tom Butler maintains a personal website at ethericstudies.org which includes essays based on his personal opinion and which have relevance to the study of frontier subjects in general. He has written two novels which are available as free PDF downloads.
Etheric Studies

White Noise Movie

Lisa and Tom helped Universal Studios market the original White Noise movie starring Michael Keaton. Scifislackers.com has an interesting overview of that work.

The above video is one of the bonus features on the White Noise DVD.
(Rental version apparently does not have this.)

One of the more important roles for the Butlers as Directors is finding ways to bring information about the existence of these phenomena to the public. This has consisted of writing articles for publication, making presentations at conferences. They are also active in making media appearances to promote EVP. They have been on Coast to Coast and have appeared on the Montel Williams Show, Maury Povich Show, Entertainment Tonight and numerous other television programs.

Late in 2004, Universal Pictures contracted the Butlers to help them promote the movie, White Noise, and they spent a good deal of 2005 participating in many media events. When the movie was released in USA theaters, the web site had 80,000 unique visitors in a 24 hour period. Even a year later, the unique visitor count remains more than four times what it was before White Noise. Universal attended the 2004 conference with cameras, and interviews of attendees were used in both the commercials for the movie and one of the bonus features on the DVD. Each commercial ended with the Association’s web site as a source for more information about EVP, and the world-wide release of the DVD included three bonus features about EVP, a “How to” with the Butlers and example hauntings investigations showing the Butlers at work.

As a public relations success, White Noise was both a spectacular success for making the term, EVP, widely known in the world, but it was also something of a social disaster in that it left millions of people more afraid of spirit communications than ever. The Butlers answered thousands of emails and letters in 2005, many of which required their assurance that work with EVP is not considered dangerous.